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Beautiful Vagina Contest

Beautiful Vagina Contest

PORTLAND - When you hear the Miss World contest may be used. But when they hear the contest Miss Beautiful Vagina? is certainly unusual.But the contest extreme is true. A night club in Portland Oregon, United States, held a beautiful pussy contest 2011...

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Andik Vermansyah

Andik Vermansyah Targeted Benfica

Later the name Andik Vermansyah increasingly popular. Petite 19-year-old man who played for the club Persebaya Surabaya, also defended the u-23 national team in the event the SEA Games? Agile, fast, aggressive, and even willing to scramble the ball in his own defense makes it so easy to recognize....

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10 Cheap Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

10 Cheap Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Those who have hypertension usually have to take medication regularly to control blood pressure. But by making lifestyle changes, blood pressure is too high can be controlled and reduced. With a capital of determination and discipline, not impossible that this lifestyle modification efforts can help remove the dependency on drugs....

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Largest Insects From New Zealand

The World's Largest Insects From New Zealand

This is clearly not good news for those who suffer from entomophobia, or a phobia of insects. A former ranger who was traveling in New Zealand found the largest insect in the world: a Weta. Stretch of wings reached 18 cm, while weight is 3 times the weight of mice...

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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice - Longest Day for The Solstice

on December 22, 2011. While the southern hemisphere is experiencing the long days of summer, the northern hemisphere will have the “winter solstice” – often called the shortest day of the year. Conversely, six months ago the northern hemisphere experienced the longest day with the summer solstice...

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Acer Iconia Tab A700

Acer Iconia Tab A700 is also expected to be faster than its predecessor

Iconia Tab A700 is also expected to be faster than its predecessor, for the use ofquad-core chip Tegra 3 which runs at a speed of 1.3GHz. Other hardware features includea specification of the SIM and microSD slot, then there's also an HDMI output, do not miss it...

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Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Foto Mesra Angelina Sondakh with Kompol Brotoseno

Angelina Sondakh mengelak setiap ditanya prihal kedekatannya

Angelina Sondakh

Angelina Sondakh Brotoseno avoid proximity to the Commissioner about. But the intimate photos might explain how the relationship Angelina Sondakh.

Love affair by Angelina Sondakh Kompol Brotoseno could make a scene becauseBrotoseno is an investigator at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). WhileAngie is one of the witnesses for the Commission in cases of corruption Wisma Athletes.

Angie's been shut your mouth when you mentioned about the proximity to theCommissioner Brotoseno. Adjie Massaid ex-wife who is a politician of the Democratic Party was admitted only as a close friend of Commissioner Brotoseno.

But the photos are now busy circulating in cyberspace seems to be answered, like what exactly is the proximity to the Commissioner Brotoseno Angelina Sondakh.

There are two pictures showing Angie and Brotoseno Commissioner who is now busycirculating on the internet. In the first photo, Angie and Kompol Brotoseno looks sotenderly. Visible Kompol Brotoseno warm hug Angie.

Both wore matching red shirts. Angie wearing red, bright red lipstick and long and curlyhair. While Kompol Brotoseno wearing a plaid shirt pink.

Meanwhile, in another photo, Angelina Sondakh and Kompol Brotoseno familiar shows upat their pictures taken together. Kompol Brotoseno wearing a light blue striped shirt. Both are smiling happily for the cameras.

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